Friday, August 12, 2011

Arm stacks

Here's a quick snapshot of a stack of 4 pandaboards that will be going into the new rack at the Linaro validation farm when it arrives. The current plan is to add 30 new pandaboards. We are not using a custom case at the moment, but just stacking them on a shelf so they are easy to access. To get better density, we will put 4 of these stacks on a single shelf, which will occupy about 4U of rack space. I spent some time thinking about the rack layout last week, and came up with a design that should give us about 96 development boards (assuming similar size) to a rack, including infrastructure such as switches, console servers, and control nodes.

Can we do better? Absolutely, but for now this is a good balance between density and accessibility. More pictures coming when the rack arrives and we get it installed.