Wednesday, May 16, 2012

One Million Bugs passed one of those interesting milestones with Bug #1000000 today. Ok, so it's interesting for us who like base-10, for you power of 2 types, you'll have to wait around until Bug #1073741824.

Putting aside the interesting number, let's use it as a reminder of the amazing participation by the community in not only the Ubuntu project, but all the other projects (including many of my favorites at Linaro) that are hosted on on Launchpad.  Thanks to all the tireless testing and bug tracking/fixing by this entire community, all of these projects are better off.  Also, it should serve as a reminder that we should persevere and push even harder to find all those issues still waiting to be discovered so we can get them fixed, and further increase the quality of Ubuntu and others.  Finally, thanks to the Launchpad team for their efforts in producing and maintaining this service that is useful to so many of us.