Thursday, July 21, 2011

LAVA 2011.07 is out!

The Linaro Validation team is pleased to announce the latest release of LAVA, for the 2011.07 milestone.

LAVA is the Linaro Automated Validation Architecture that Linaro is deploying to automate the testing of Linaro images and components on supported development boards.

One of the biggest changes you'll see this month, is the UI for the dashboard got an overhaul. You can now view entire bundles that were submitted, with the test runs organized underneath. You can also sort columns to easily see failures, filter large result tables, and change the number of items displayed per page. On the scheduler, we added a basic UI to let you see the status of boards and jobs, and also the ability to scheduler jobs by device type. The dispatcher has better error handling and preliminary support for Snowball boards added, and lava-test now streams results while the test is running. The list of bugs and blueprints that were completed for this release can be found here:

The release pages with release notes, highlights, changelogs, and downloads can be found at:

* lava-dashboard -
* lava-dashboard-tool -
* lava-dispatcher -
* lava-scheduler -
* lava-server -
* lava-test -
* lava-tool -
* linaro-python-dashboard-bundle -
* linaro-django-xmlrpc -

For more information about installing, running, and developing on LAVA, see:

To get a preview of what's coming next month take a look at:
We have some good things coming soon, such as out-of-tree test support in lava-test, subscription to be notified of test results, improvements in the scheduler UI, and the website will be getting a facelift to give a make current testing and results more visible.

Updated packages will be available from the linaro-validation ppa soon.

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Abhi... said...

Can you plz tell, how to add test case and a board to lava dashboard.
My Lava Dashboard is up and running but I am not getting how to add test cases like busybox,wifi enablement or monkey tests to the dashboard