Monday, September 26, 2011

Making LAVA more People-Friendly

One of the other new features of LAVA that's worth pointing out is a subtle, but significant step toward making it a little friendlier for those trying to find the results they are looking for.  Internally, LAVA uses things like SHA1 on the bundles, and UUIDs on the test runs to have a unique identifier that can be transferred between systems.  Previously, we displayed this as the name of the link.  If you're looking through a results stream and trying to find the test you just ran on the ubuntu-desktop image with the lt-mx5 hardware pack though, it's not very helpful.  You could, of course, go through the scheduler and link to the results there, but if you just wanted to browse the results in a bundle stream and look at ones that interest you, there was no easy way to do that.

Now, we use the job_name specified in the job you submit to the scheduler to give it a name. What you set the job_name field to, is entirely up to you.  It's all about helping it to mean something to the end user.  In the example above, the stream of results is for daily testing of hardware packs and images.  So the hwpack name, datestamp, image name, and image datestamp are simply used for the job_name.  Kernel CI results, Android CI results, and others will certainly have different names that mean more to them in their context.

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