Thursday, July 15, 2010

A week with KDE - Day 2

I've got the theme, fonts, background, etc. at least a little more tolerable for now. I have a few major complaints though from spending the last 24+ hours with it.
  1. Screen artifacts - lots of them. I even have a fresh login now and about 60% of my bottom panel is black. The buttons draw over the foreground ok, but half of it is dark, the other half is grey. Could be video driver related I suppose, but I don't get this in gnome.
  2. Unmounting media doesn't seem to work in dolphin. I have many occasions where I mount my phone as a usb drive, work with SD cards, and USB sticks. Unmounting from dolphin is less intuitive than gnome, but also just doesn't work. It says something is using them, but nothing seems to be. Open a shell and unmount manually seems to be the best bet for now. (yes I know I should go make sure bugs are filed for all these, and will try to get to that as soon as I have time and I'm a bit more convinced that this isn't just me doing something newbie-ish).
  3. Konsole, which I used to love, doesn't deal with tabs nicely. I tend to have a lot of tabs open in a console session, but Konsole does not seem to have an option to resize them automatically. Or at least I haven't found it if it does have such an option. Instead it gives you arrows you can use to scroll through the available tabs.
That being said, I'm still finding it to be pretty usable. Mostly just nitpicks right now, nothing that's really keeping me from getting work done.

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